Manage and streamline your business processes from manufacturing, planning, accounting to shipping with a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Collect real-time analytics across your business and start leveraging an intelligent ERP to drive efficiency and growth.                            


Put customer service first. We can integrate CRM software to work with your communications system to quickly identify and open customer files while customers are on the line. Cut down call queues and answer queries across phones, emails and chat systems in a timely manner. We can even customize your out of the box CRM to  empower customers to access their own account information through an online portal. With the help of automated FAQs and troubleshooting systems your customers can get the answers to their toughest questions in just seconds.


Your customers deserve and expect excellence, let’s make sure they get that. By taking the core elements of successful B2C and B2B software and enhancing it with ERP and CRM support, your customers will find your site easy to navigate and simple to order with. Meanwhile you will have all the tools necessary to deliver on time no matter the scope of the order.

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Merge IT’s White Knight Service Ensures Your Systems Are Implemented Quickly AND Efficiently

Being in the business over 20 years, we have helped a significant amount of clients overcome systems that were poorly implemented or have been holding their businesses back from reaching their full potential.

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