why should you trust your next career move to us?

Great company to work for and friendly

Great clients, good environment, great pay, Work hard for their people, Very friendly, offer benefits and 401K. I can’t think of one con since I started with them.

Systems Analyst / Glassdoor

Supportive and Collaborative

Thankful to Maria Ciappa for giving me an opportunity to work with her Team. There is always an opportunity for progress and growth. here. There is work-life balance, one’s hard work and dedication is truly recognized by management at Merge IT and duly appreciated. I want to personally thank Maria for her co-operative attitude in addressing any concerns.

Analyst / Glassdoor


Awesome and Helpful

Management is always there to help you and there is no downside to this job.

Customer Service Consultant / Glassdoor

Awesome Employer

Poonam goes above and beyond for the people she recruited. From the interview to the end of training, she has been there every step of the way, even if I’m bugging her lol. She has been very thorough and made it easy for me. I love this job and looking to turn it into my new career!

Keep up the good work! I love that you are not only about your clients but your employees as well!

Customer Service Consultant / Glassdoor

Great company to work for

Employee friendly company. My recruiter and HR are very nice. They make sure you have all you need to do your job. Great Company.

Fiber Engineer / Glassdoor
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