Let our ERP solutions bring your company together. Don’t end up with different solutions and the same headache. Our customized Microsoft Solutions will make your accounting, finance, and HR software flow flawlessly for unparalleled collaboration and company growth.

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Businesses are nothing without customers. If your goal is to improve business relationships, we can give you a personalized CRM system with the ability to help with contract and sales management, agent productivity, and the entire customer life cycle.

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Merge IT has a decade of experience in providing a cost effective way for your organization to improve your accounting and finance processes. If your organization is high growth, this will enable you to scale resources as needed and reduces the burden of hiring, training, and maintaining staff.

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In this digital age it is important your systems are able to not only survive, but thrive. Without proper infrastructure, your company can not keep up with your growth. Let’s evaluate and maximize what you’re already using or create an entirely new plan to drive operations with as much AI as you want and need. 

It’s time to automate your workflows and make integration and data dissemination possible. 

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Do you love your on-premise software, but also feel the need to move to the cloud? Our cloud services are fully customizable, guarantee 99.9% uptime, and are incredibly cost effective. 

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You hire us, we take care of it all. More information on this coming soon!

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When you are integrating a new technical system into your business, you want to MERGE the gaps between your processes and the system. When we implement, we have the capability to custom code applications your organization needs in order to be most efficient. We can upgrade your systems AND make sure you have applications within that system that do what you need them to, even automatically.

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So much goes into an online store. Is yours running as optimally or as integrated as it could be? Whether you need help with your infrastructure, accounting, warehouse receiving, etc. we offer  solutions that will revolutionize your back end processes, without costing you a fortune. 

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We Partner With You & Your Systems

We do NOT implement systems and leave you stranded. We evaluate, plan, & execute WITH you so we can optimize your business as much as possible.

Tangible Results

You will see measurable business growth with increased ROI, and Reduced Risk. Our system implementations and solutions allow you to focus on your goals with efficient systems to stay ahead of the competition and support your employees at their top performance.

We Understand FIRST

60% of implementations fail because of the gaps left between your current processes and your new system. We are the best at what we do because we MERGE our expertise and solutions WITH your current processes so you can achieve your business goals like never before. Unlike competitors, we are with you every step of the implementation and our knowledge of innovative solutions simplify even the most complex systems. 

Let’s Achieve the Impossible, Together!

We are a Tactical Technology Partner

Adaptation is at the core of human nature and has helped us not only survive, but thrive. Often times we adapt to poor services, systems, and processes within our business and eventually it is a major cause of an organization’s failure.

Our number one priority is to provide solutions that give you insights into your people, processes, and systems to make actionable, informed decisions that affect significant change throughout your entire organization without breaking your budget.

We have worked with clients of all sizes over the past 20 years. Our executives bring you a wide range of offerings and solutions to give you the absolute best when it comes to your IT spend. 


Let’s Simplify IT


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