Why IT Outsourcing is Good for Business

IT outsourcing has become an important way for many businesses to keep up with the changing tides of technology. It provides a cost-effective and efficient means of adapting to new challenges without taking your in-house IT team away from important day to day tasks. It also leverages expertise from outside of your organization to give […]

3 Ways to Streamline Your Digital Business Application

Digital business applications are an integral part of any forward thinking organization. Unfortunately, developing effective applications presents a great challenge to many businesses. Oftentimes management teams set out to overhaul their entire business process within a single app, which leads to clunky, inefficient results. There are three simple ways you can streamline your digital business […]

The Importance of Big Data in the Finance Profession

Professionals throughout the finance industry have staked their livelihoods on their ability to gather, analyze and report on data sets in order to turn profits. The game just got a little bit harder with the addition of what we call Big Data.  In the past, finance professionals often took smaller sets of data to extrapolate […]

5 Features your Financial Services ERP Must Have

Your ideal financial services ERP software needs to have the ability to reach into every core area of your business, and draw loose ends together. While it may seem impossible to find a single software solution that is flexible enough to handle so many different operations at once, the truth is that ERP software has […]